St. Croix Rods

Another assortment of St. Croix rods has arrived.


Looking for that 5 1/2 ft. pistol grip rod? Satilla Marine has several of the St. Croix model. Come by and check them out.

St. Croix rods

St. Croix rods

“Wake Up the Season” Sales Event

Yamaha has kicked off the season with its latest “Wake Up the Season” sales event.

Get the season started with a reliable Yamaha four-stroke outboard.

For a limited time, purchase an eligible new Yamaha 2.5hp – 115hp† four-stroke outboard, and receive:


Toward the purchase of additional goods or services from your authorized, participating Yamaha outboard dealer.*


Yamaha Outboards sales event

Yamaha Wake Up the Season

OFFER VALID FROM MAY 1, 2015 – JUNE 17, 2015



Gasoline Basics

Gasoline Basics

Use the best gas and change out your Yamaha fuel filters on a regular basis

By: Kelly Jordon

It’s really nice to see gasoline prices dropping, as fuel prices are usually one of the largest expenses when fishing or boating. If you don’t run some of the better quality fuels, this is a good time to get in the habit of improving the quality of the fuel you put into your boat’s gas tank without feeling that initial crunch from the costs associated with a better fuel product.

Given the choice, I run ethanol free gas in my boat. It’s more expensive, but it means that I don’t have the issues commonly attributed to ethanol, like water in my gas.

All the newer Yamaha outboards and their components have been designed to withstand the corrosive properties of ethanol fuels, so if you can’t find an ethanol–free gas pump in your area or you prefer to run the E10 gasoline, I suggest you run the manufacturer’s stated octane fuel, and also subscribe to the major brand-name fuel suppliers that add detergents and lubricants like Techroline to their fuels. It might be cheaper to buy fuel from an off brand company, but the additives the major companies put in their fuels help clean the carbon and other debris out of your internal motor components and lubricate them, so for a few pennies more your adding potential longevity to your outboard.

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New Arrival of Baits

Now in stock at Satilla Marine a selection of spin baits and jigs.


Introducing a hot item for crappie, blue gill etc. in Florida, we have Andy’s Jigs.

Andy's Jigs

Andy’s Jigs


Next on the list is Capt. Bert’s Satilla Spin.

Satilla Spin

Satilla Spin


Also we have new arrivals and restock of Flip’R spin baits.

Flip'R Spins


G3 Boats 2015 1860 DK Camo

1860 DK Break Up® | 1860 DK Shadow Grass®

2015 1860 DK Break Up®

Access Your Favorite Fishing And Hunting Spots, Season After Season.

The rugged 1860 DK features an open layout with side storage, two choices of famous Mossy Oak® camo and dependable Yamaha power. The all-aluminum hull has an 12 degree deadrise for smooth running and a heavy duty ice-breaker keel. The extended bow features bright LED lights for those early morning runs to your favorite spots.

Request a Quote on a 1860 DK Break Up®

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G3 Boats Bay 20 DLX Camo

Bay 20 DLX Camo

2015 Bay 20 DLX Camo

Your All-Access Pass To Adventure; The New Bay 20 DLX Camo

As a sportsman’s boat, this multi-purpose model is sure to become an all-time favorite. Ready for all-season fishing and hunting, the Bay 20 DLX Camo has outstanding performance, rugged construction and an open layout for freedom of movement.

Request a Quote on a Bay 20 DLX Camo.

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G3 Boats is kicking off their Spring Promotion offering Instant Rebates or Zero Down financing.

Between January 1, 2015 and March 31, 2015 you can choose between ZERO DOWN and as low as 4.99% (*w.a.c.) on all new G3 boat packages through Yamaha Factory Financing, OR INSTANT REBATES !

The following new G3 boat packages (“Eligible Product”) will qualify, regardless of model year, at the amounts listed below.

Yamaha Factory Financing option valid for U.S. residents only. All the Best Instant Rebates valid in U.S. and Canada.

G3 Boats Spring Promo

G3 Rebates

Reliability Starts Here Sales Event!!

Another great Yamaha retail promotion to kick off the new year and continue the success of 2014.

Reliability Starts Here Sales Event!!

Promotion Highlights:

· Dates: January 1, 2015 – March 31, 2015

· Eligible Outboards: Select 2.5 – 350hp four-stroke outboards manufactured since April 2007.**

**Note: The following four-stroke models are NOT eligible for this promotion: VF250XA, VF175LA, VF150XA, F150LB, F150XB, LF150XB, F150JB, VF115LA, F8SMHB, and F8LMHB. Note: HPDI models will also be defined as eligible in the promotion dealer instruction manual, but will not be defined in any promotion advertising or merchandising materials.

· Benefit: Choice of one of the following two promotion benefit options:

– A two-year Y.E.S. contract

– Consumer credit based on MSRP towards the purchase of goods and/or services at the authorized participating Yamaha outboard dealer that sold the outboard.

Yamaha Sales Program

Yamaha Sales Program Beginning January 2015


Full Details And Program Flyer


The Skinny on Jack Plates

A must read from Yamaha Outboard if you have or are considering installing a jack plate.


The Skinny on Jack Plates

Boater’s Log Vol. 6, No. 7

Should Your Skiff Have One?

If you run any kind of skiff or bass boat in shallow water, consider this column a must-read. Electro-hydraulic jack plates are add-on brackets that provide two more adjustability dimensions to your outboard engine trim: straight up and down.

A jackplate can improve both overall and shallow-water performance.

The jack plate accomplishes several significant functions:

  • It enables you to run in shallower water than allowed by a standard, fixed engine mount.
  • It allows you to get up on plane in shallower water than allowed by a standard, fixed engine mount.
  • When trimming an engine for best performance, a jack plate affords you better fuel economy, thanks to channeling thrust in the most efficient direction – parallel to the water’s surface.

Catch the complete article at the link below:

via The Skinny on Jack Plates | Yamaha Outboards.