VMAX SHO 150 Yamaha Outboards

Meet Yamaha’s 150hp four stroke V MAX SHO®

Offering incredible throttle response in the low- to mid-rpm ranges, due in part to Variable Camshaft Timing (VCT). Quicker Hole Shot – At a mere 7.7 seconds, the VF150 has a hole shot on par with the two-stroke Yamaha VZ150 and up to 4.1 seconds faster than some four-stroke competitors.

The V MAX SHO 150 delivers the incredibly efficient, clean and quiet performance you expect from a four stroke. Using up to 30 percent less fuel than a traditional carbureted two stroke.

Check it out: VMAX SHO 150 | Yamaha Outboards.

MICRO Anchor

Power Pole has released their new MICRO Anchor – and Satilla Marine has them.




Nothing gets you closer to the fish than your small craft. And nothing anchors you better than a Power-Pole made just for your vessel.

Enter the MICRO Anchor.

Micro-Anchor2This all-new, all-electric wonder is the first of its kind—a super-compact powerhouse that was built to give you the ultimate shallow water fishing experience.

  • Extremely quiet
  • Easy installation
  • Driver unit is easily removable for storage or transfer to another boat
  • Pairs with other C-Monster controllers
  • Works with other 3/4″ spikes
  • Spike can stay in the Micro Driver Unit or be removed while running to your next spot
  • 2 year warranty




Micro Specifications

Power: “Stealth”60 Watt low RPM high torque electric motor.
Deployment speed: 1.2 ft. per second
Weight with Clamp: 11.5lbs
Weight without Clamp: 7.5lbs
Mounting Bracket Footprint: 6.20″ x 5.60″
Transom Clamp Footprint: 3″ clamping thickness; 3.3″ vertical x 6.2″ horizontalarea taken on transom
Housing unit: IP 68 Environmental Resistance (1-2 meter saltwater submersion)
Anchor depth: Approximately 8ft with Power-Pole Micro Spike (varies based on spike length)
Recommended boat size: up to 1500lbs
 Micro-Construction-Rev Micro-Anchor-Mounting-Options

Updated Website

During the past month Satilla Marine has been updating their website. We are almost completed with the revamp, so bear with us as the changes continue.