Gasoline Basics

Gasoline Basics

Use the best gas and change out your Yamaha fuel filters on a regular basis

By: Kelly Jordon

It’s really nice to see gasoline prices dropping, as fuel prices are usually one of the largest expenses when fishing or boating. If you don’t run some of the better quality fuels, this is a good time to get in the habit of improving the quality of the fuel you put into your boat’s gas tank without feeling that initial crunch from the costs associated with a better fuel product.

Given the choice, I run ethanol free gas in my boat. It’s more expensive, but it means that I don’t have the issues commonly attributed to ethanol, like water in my gas.

All the newer Yamaha outboards and their components have been designed to withstand the corrosive properties of ethanol fuels, so if you can’t find an ethanol–free gas pump in your area or you prefer to run the E10 gasoline, I suggest you run the manufacturer’s stated octane fuel, and also subscribe to the major brand-name fuel suppliers that add detergents and lubricants like Techroline to their fuels. It might be cheaper to buy fuel from an off brand company, but the additives the major companies put in their fuels help clean the carbon and other debris out of your internal motor components and lubricate them, so for a few pennies more your adding potential longevity to your outboard.

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