Styx River Brand Camo Stencil Kits

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Styx River Brand Camo Stencil Kits and Camo Paint Kits.



Each kit includes: extra large camo stencils, detailed instructions for each pattern, and now, four cans of Styx River Camouflage Spray Paint.

Styx River, a licensed and authorized producer, continues to offer the best and most complete line of licensed pattern camo stencils and stencil kits.

The kit patterns available in stock are:

  • Mossy Oak New Break Up
  • Mossy Oak Shadow Grass
  • Realtree Max 4

Each camouflage stencil is laser cut from even a higher grade Mylar, a durable yet lightweight and transparent material that offers flexibility around corners and curves. Styx River camouflage stencil kits contain stencils more than 3 feet long designed to let you produce a factory quality job.

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