Yamaha F50

F50Yamaha’s Popular Mid-Range 50 hp.  Gets New Modern Shape

The popularity of pontoon boats and the resurgence of the midrange have brought the Yamaha F50/T50 sharply into focus. That’s why Yamaha decided to give them a new, more modern look. Now, the F50, high thrust T50 have the modern cowl shape of Yamaha’s newest outboards. With that comes a new lower engine pan, which helps to improve drainage. In addition, both models got Yamaha’s new graphic treatment.

Over the last decade, Yamaha’s F50, high thrust T50, have helped to define what Yamaha four-stroke products stand for: reliable, clean, efficient outboard power. What made these outboards famous remains the same.

The Yamaha F50 is a clean, quiet and fuel-efficient 4-stroke, 4-cylinder that’s packed with power, versatility and legendary Yamaha reliability. The super efficient EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) system delivers impressive power at high engine speeds and real torque in the mid-ranges.

MULTI-PORT PRECISION ELECTRONIC FUEL INJECTION, on the F50, delivers the optimal fuel/air mix to each cylinder.

TOP-MOUNTED FLYWHEEL keeps sensitive electrical components out of the water.

VARIABLE TROLLING SYSTEM, on the F50. The tiller handle models come standard with Yamaha’s Variable Trolling Speed feature, allowing the operator to stay on the fish by selecting the preferred rpm, (in 50 rpm increments), within a range of 620-900 rpm!

ENGINE CONTROL MODULE adjusts timing to maintain optimum engine performance, economy and reliability in all conditions.

MULTI-FUNCTION TILLER HANDLE, available on F30 through F60. Optional on F75 through F115, gives you fingertip control of starting, shifting, steering and throttle.

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Type In-Line Four-Cylinder * Displacement  996cc (60.8ci) * Bore x stroke 65 x 75mm (2.56 x 2.95 in.) * Full Throttle RPM Range 5000 ~ 6000 * Horsepower Rating at Propshaft  50 at 5500 rpm * Compression ratio  9.5:1 * Fuel Induction/Scavenging  EFI (SOHC) * Alternator Output 17 Amp * Starting Method  Electric with Power Trim & Tilt (See Model Code) * Ignition TCI Microcomputer * Lubrication Wet Sump * Degree of Trim -4’ through +20’ * Degree of Tilt  69’ * Exhaust Through propeller * Cooling Water/Thermostatic

F50LB > Remote controlled, power tilt & trim, 20″ shaft –  249 lbs.
T50LB > Remote controlled, power tilt & trim, high thrust lower unit – 262 lbs.

. Command Link® System – Optional * Multi-Function Gauges – Optional * Y-COP® Ignition (Immobilizer) – Compatable * Analog Gauges – Optional * Variable Trolling RPM Speed (VTS®) – Optional *  Overheat Warning – Standard * Over-Rev Protection – Standard * Low Oil Pressure Warning – Standard * Fuel Contamination Warning – N/A * Lighting Coil – Standard * Rectifier/Regulator – Standard * Lanyard – Optional * Multi-Function Tiller Handle – Optional * Mechanical Remote Control Box – Optional * Steering Link Arm – Standard * Propeller – Optional * Fuel Hose – Standard * Fuel Tank – Optional * Fuel Management – Optional * Engine Mounted Oil Reservoir (oil pan) – Standard * Lower Unit Anode – Standard * Mid-Section Anode – Standard * Powerhead Anode – Standard

Four Stroke Engine Design * Powerful 4 Cylinder 60.8 cu in.* Four Independent Fuel Injectors * SOHC * Multi-Point Precision Fuel Injection * Oil/Fuel Separator * Labyrinth Exhaust * Long Track Induction System


Modernized Graphics and Cowling ~ Command Link Compatibility* ~  Analog Gauge Compatibility* ~  Dual Stage Single Cylinder Power Trim & Tilt ~  Mechanical Remote Control ~  Freshwater Flush ~ External Tilt Switch ~  Spin On Oil Filter ~ High Output Alternator *Consult appropriate Yamaha rigging information for complete rigging compatibility and requirements information for particular configurations. Rigging items sold separately.


Single Throttle Valve * TCI Microcomputer * Sacrificial Anodes * YDC 30 Aluminum Alloy * ACP 221 Paint Process * Electro-deposited Paint Process * Engine Warning System * Wet Sump Lubrication * Engine Warning System * SST Drive, Prop, Shift Shafts * SST Steering Tube * Magnetic Drain Plug

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For pricing contact Tim: 912-285-8115    You may also email us at sales@satillamarine.com