Yamaha F70

F70_port_3_4Yamaha proudly announces a new addition to its mid-range four strokes; the F70.

Using advanced features and technology to make it extremely light yet very powerful, it is the ideal outboard for a myriad of lightweight fishing, family, and pontoon boats.

Featuring the lightest weight and highest horsepower-per-liter-of-displacement in the 70hp class, the Yamaha F70 takes advantage of the leading edge of technology while maintaining the fuel-efficient, smooth, and quiet operation Yamaha four strokes are known for. And it has benefits like Yamaha’s available Multifunction Tiller Handle or our Command Link® System, which let you harness its Variable Trolling RPM capability.

The new Yamaha F70.

  • Big-league technology in a very light weight, fuel efficient outboard.
  • Best-in-Class Horsepower-per-Liter – advanced 16-valve, single overhead camshaft (SOHC), in-line 4 cylinder engine design.
  • Lightest Weight In Class – at 257 pounds, it’s significantly lighter than all four stroke and two stroke outboards of similar horsepower.
  • Remarkably Responsive – a single throttle valve works in concert with a tuned, long track intake system and high-ratio gearcase.
  • Outstanding Fuel Efficiency – Yamaha’s Multi-point Electronic Fuel Injection System and dependable ECM microcomputer engine control.
  •  Proven Reliability – designed, built, and extensively tested to Yamaha’s stringent standards for reliability.
  • Smooth, Dependable Mechanical Shifting and Throttle – works with all Yamaha binnacle and most side-mount mechanical control boxes.
  • Operator Convenience -compatible with conventional analog or optional Command Link gauges, for even more up-to-the-instant information.
  • Quiet, Smooth Operation – Yamaha’s labyrinth exhaust and Long-Span Mounting System combines with a stylish yet functional exterior.
  • Ease of Service and Lasting Value – computerized Yamaha Diagnostic System (YDIS), Enhanced Ultimate Corrosion Protection System (UCP-IIT), and water-draining air intake cowling.

Peace of Mind – advanced engine warning and protection system and standard three year pleasure or government limited warranty.

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Type – 16-Valve, SOHC In-Line Four Cylinder Displacement) * Bore x Stroke – 996cc (60.8 ci 65 x 75mm (2.56 x 2.95 in.) * Full Throttle RPM Range – 5300 ~ 6300 * Horsepower Rating – 70hp at 5800 rpm at Propshaft * Compression Ratio – 9.4:1 * Fuel Induction/Scavenging – EFI/SOHC/4 Valves Per Cylinder * Alternator Output – 17 Amp * Starting Method – Electric w/ PTT See Model Code * Ignition – TCI Microcomputer * Lubrication Wet Sump * Degree of Trim -4° through +16° * Degree of Tilt 65’ * Exhaust – Through propeller * Cooling – Water/Thermostatic Control

F70LA ~ 257 lbs


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For pricing contact Tim: 912-285-8115  You may also email us at sales@satillamarine.com