Yamaha F15

Yamaha F15



• Engine Warning System Function
• Built-In Start-in-Gear and Shift-in-Gear Prevention
• Thermostatically-Controlled Engine Temperature
• Wet Sump Lubrication
• Waist Driveshaft
• High Output Alternator
• CDI Ignition System
• ACP 221 Paint Process
• YDC-30 Alloy
• Self-Sacrificing Anodes
• Self-Draining, One-Piece Top Cowling
• Stainless Steel Driveshaft, Prop Shaft, Shift Shaft, and Steering Tube


Yamaha F 15 Outboard

If you’re looking for a winning combination – easy handling and great control – look no further than the F15. With a versatile twin-cylinder, 4-stroke engine which combines power and responsiveness, delivers an always-smooth ride. Standout fuel economy with exhaust emissions cut to a minimum. The Yamaha 15hp outboard is a simple and straightforward, well-built and reliable four stroke outboard engine.

Enjoy the extras that a Yamaha outboard also brings – benefits such as computer-controlled ignition, a special light-load starting system, a water-cooled fuel pump, and a large-volume silencer – normally only found on larger engines. For commercial, professional or leisure use, it adds up to a winning formula.


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The F15 is steered and controlled by the tiller handle or remote control options and it is either a manual pull start or electric start engine. There a simple lever-operated system for forward and reverse gears.

One of the most popular motor for people looking to go fast and far yet still be portable.


• Four-Stroke 2-Cylinder Engine Design • SOHC • Large Displacement Engine • Streamlined Intake Manifold • Large Volume Air Silencer • Labyrinth Exhaust
• Water-Cooled Fuel Pump • Acceleration Pump • Long Span Mounting System


• Electric Start (“E” and “P” Models) • Light Load Manual Starter (“M” Models) • Auto Decompression Device (“M” Models) • Remote Control (Remote Models) • Reinforced Tiller Handle with Stop Switch (“H” Models) • Front-Mounted Shift Lever (“H” Models) • One-Hand Steering & Throttle Friction Adjustments (“H”) Models • PrimeStart Auto-Enrichment System • External Freshwater Flushing Attachment • Low-Profile, Compact Shape • Built-In Carrying Handle • Built-In Resting Pads • Wide Steering Angle • Dual Transom Clamps • Water-Sealed Exhaust

There are five different models of the Yamaha F15. Two short shaft (S) and three long (L) shaft versions of this Yamaha 15hp outboard engine.

F15 SMHA – tiller handle, manual pull start, short shaft, manual tilt
F15 LMHA – tiller handle, manual pull start, long shaft, manual tilt
F15 SEHA – remote control, electric start, short shaft, manual tilt
F15 LEHA – remote control, electric start, long shaft, manual tilt
F15 LPHA – remote control, electric start, long shaft, power trim and tilt

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For pricing contact Tim: 912-285-8115 or email us at sales@satillamarine.com