Yamaha F6

Yamaha F6




. CDI Ignition System
. Pressurized Lubrication
. Thermostatic Temperature Control
. Sacrificial Anodes
. ACP 221 Paint Process
. SST Drive, Prop, Shift Shafts
. Splined Propeller/Shaft
. Built-in Fuel Filter


 Yamaha F6 Outboard

  • You want power.
  • You want performance.
  • You want portability.
  • You want Yamaha.

Introducing the all-new Yamaha F6 portable outboards.

Weighing in at 60 pounds, this new Yamaha portable means you can have all the benefits you want and need in a portable outboard. Truly compact, light weight, and easy-to-handle, these pint-sized protégés of Yamaha’s larger outboards are feature-packed and offer the outstanding reliability you’ve come to demand from Yamaha.

Available in both 15″ and 20″ models, they’re among the most fuel-efficient in their class, and all models proudly feature a CARB 3-star rating for ultra-low emissions.

The new Yamaha F6 portable. Proof positive that a little goes a long way.

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* Four Stroke Engine Design * OHV * 2-valves Per Cylinder * Precise Carburetor Setting * Built-in Auxiliary Priming Pump * Streamlined Intake Manifold * Long Span Mount System * Oil Separator * Streamlined Gearcase * Dynamically Balanced Crankshaft * Labyrinth Exhaust * California C.A.R.B. Ultra Low Emissions 3 Star Rating * Meets all current Federal EPA Emission Standards*


* 180-Degree Steering w/F-N-R Shifting * Shallow Water Drive * Easy Storage Oil Retention System * Standard Tiller Handle * Easy Start Decompression Device * Lubrication Check Window * Multiple Gripping Points * Dual Transom Clamps * Dynamically Balanced Tiller Handle * Lower Cowling Damper * Built-In See-Through Fuel Tank * Tilted Fuel Filler Opening * Selectable External Fuel Tank (Optional) * Forward/Neutral/Reverse Shifting

For pricing contact Tim: 912-285-8115 or email us at sales@satillamarine.com