Yamaha F9.9

Yamaha F9.9

Yamaha F9.9




• Compact and Lightweight, Powerful
• Four Stroke Engine Design
• 212cc, two-cylinder, single overhead camshaft
• Streamlined Intake Manifold
• Acceleration Pump
• Labyrinth Exhaust





Redesign of Yamaha Favorite Brings Enhanced Storage and a Modern Look

The Yamaha F9.9 and T9.9 are among the smallest and lightest 9.9-horsepower four-stroke outboards available on the market today, and they just got better thanks to a thoughtful redesign that improves the convenience, control and appearance of this SOHC 2-cylinder portable.

• The redesigned F9.9 and T9.9 now have an added resting pad to increase storage options and improved storage stability.
• On the F9.9 tiller handle models, the tiller handle has been redesigned to improve its folding characteristics, thus also  allowing the stored motor to take up less space. It also has an improved, built-in carry handle.

Control (F9.9)
• The shortened tiller handle is now easier to use than ever before.
• A new shift lever shape means easier, better grip for more precise shifting.

• The cowling of the F9.9/T9.9 has been redesigned to bring the outboard into the new, more modern, Yamaha family. The change offers greater appeal for those using the F9.9/T9.9 as a kicker motor along with a newer Yamaha primary outboard.
• New graphics also modernize the appearance. The F9.9/T9.9 is now in harmony with the rest of the Yamaha outboard line-up

Electric Start Models

Tiller Handle models are not available with electric start from the factory. However an optional electric start kit is available from Yamaha for installation.

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• Compact • Lightweight • New Storage Pads • Redesigned Tiller Handle to Reduce Storage Space • New Shift Lever Grip for Improved Shifting • Redesigned Grip Handle • Shallow Water Drive • Pilot Water Hole • Dual Transom Clamps • Electric Start (“E” Model) • Steering Friction Lever (Tiller Models) • Built-In Carrying Handles • Long Span Mounting System • Oil Strainer


• CDI Microcomputer • Engine Warning System • Fishing Line Protector • Wet Sump Lubrication • YDC 30 Aluminum Alloy • Thermostatic Control • Sacrificial Anodes • SST Drive, Prop, Shift Shafts • SST Steering Tube • Waist Drive Shaft
• Fresh Water Flush

Weight **
F9.9SMHB       87lbs

F9.9LMHB       89lbs

F9.9LEB           93lbs
** Weight estimated at time of publishing.

Limited Warranty
Pleasure – Three Years        Government – Three Years        Commercial – One Year

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For pricing contact Tim: 912-285-8115 or email us at sales@satillamarine.com