Satilla Spins Are Back In The Store

After a long absence the famous Satilla Spins are back in stock.

We have 17 color configurations

And 2 different weights – 1/16 and 1/8 – to choose from.

This is bream, redbreast bluegill and crappie candy. – All Day Long……

Come on in and check them out.

Satilla Spins at Satilla Marine

Check out the selection of Satilla Spins at Satilla Marine Waycross GA

Buzz and Spin Baits

Just arrived!!!

Tru Trac Buzz and Spin Baits…Gold and Black Configurations

Tru Trac Lures Gold and Black Spin Baits

Tru Trac Lures Gold and Black Spin Baits

Gold and Black Buzz Baits

Tru Trac Lures Buzz Baits

Gold and Black Baits

Gold and Black Baits


National Hunting and Fishing Day is Saturday, September 23

Celebrate the great outdoors on National Hunting and Fishing Day Saturday, September 23, 2017.

The United States has long been home to those who appreciate the outdoors, with hunting and fishing enjoying great popularity.

Since 1972, the 3rd Saturday in September has been recognized as National Hunting and Fishing Day by presidential proclamation. The governors of most states, including Georgia, likewise issue proclamations celebrating the day.

Celebrate the great outdoors on National Hunting and Fishing Day Saturday, September 23, 2017.

Fishing is free for Georgia residents, and many state parks and recreation areas are hosting special events.

Source: National Hunting and Fishing Day is Saturday, September 23



Redesigned Yamaha 25 hp Four Stroke


Yamaha Outboards introduces the LIGHTEST 25 hp. four stroke on the water.

Yamaha’s all-new 25 hp four stroke features an innovative design for a power-to-weight that’s not only class-leading; it’s category jumping. Twenty-four percent lighter than the competition, our 25 hp is now so light, it’s portable—and perfect for 14- to 16-foot aluminum boats.

Built on the proven DNA of Yamaha reliability, the all-new F25 hp now features:

  • Two-cylinder, 432cc, SOHC, 4-valve EFI with multi-point injection
  • Battery-less EFI for easy starts
  • Wide-span motor mounts for smoother running
  • Shortened tiller handle for convenient control of small jon boats
  • External drain for easy oil changes
  • Variable Trolling RPM Switch (VTS) for precision trolling


See more of the F25 in action at Yamaha Outboards


F25SMHC = 126lbs
F25LMHC = 130lbs
F25SWHC = 132lbs
F25LWHC = 137lbs
F25LWTC = 143lbs
F25SWC = 126lbs
F25LWC = 130lbs
F25LC = 141lbs

F25 Specification sheet:

Yamaha Outboards 2017 Choose Reliability Sales Event

For a limited time, purchase a new, select eligible 2.5 hp – 300 hp Yamaha Outboard and choose either:




Toward the purchase of goods/services on select models from your authorized participating Yamaha Outboard Dealer.*
Three years of Yamaha Limited Warranty Coverage, along with the additional protection of a two-year Yamaha Extended Service (Y.E.S.)  plan. That’s a total of FIVE years coverage at no additional cost!*



See your authorized participating Yamaha Outboard Dealer today for details! Other restrictions and conditions may apply. *PROGRAM TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Consumer benefit for purchasing a new (unused, not previously warranty registered) select eligible Yamaha 2.5 to 300 HP four-stroke outboard is a choice of either a 24-month Yamaha Extended Service contract (choice offered in Florida is a 24-month Yamaha Limited Warranty), or a credit based on MSRP toward the purchase of goods and/or services at the authorized participating dealer that sold the outboard, at no extra cost to consumer. NO BENEFIT SUBSTITUTIONS. To be eligible, outboards must also have been manufactured since January 2010. Promotion is only applicable from authorized participating Yamaha Outboard dealers in the USA, sold to purchasing consumers residing in the USA. Promotion is limited to available stock in dealer inventory that is sold, PDI completed, delivered and warranty registered on YMBS by the dealer in accordance with Yamaha’s Promotion and warranty registration requirements during applicable dates. Applicable models may vary. Any new models introduced after December 1, 2016 are NOT eligible for this Promotion. No model substitutions, benefit substitutions, extensions or rain checks will be allowed. Outboards sold or provided for commercial, camp, resort, rental, promotional/demo, government agency, competition, tournament or sponsorship use are not eligible. This promotion cannot be used in conjunction with any other Yamaha offer. Some exceptions may apply. See authorized participating Yamaha dealer for complete details. Yamaha reserves the right to change or cancel this Promotion at any time. Other restrictions and conditions may apply. REMEMBER to always observe all applicable boating laws. Never drink and drive. Dress properly with a USCG-approved personal floatation device and protective gear. ** Y.E.S. value based on M.S.R.P. © 2017 Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A. All rights reserved. † Applicable models may vary – Not applicable to new models introduced after December 1, 2016.

Basic Yamaha Propeller Terms

Prop 101


Genuine Yamaha Propellers are calculated to enhance the performance of your outboard. Every inch and angle—even its material—makes a difference in the way a propeller can influence performance. Getting to know the specs of a outboard propeller will help you to select one that will help to harness the true power of your outboard.

Each Yamaha propeller is designed by their engineers using proprietary information, manufactured to Yamaha’s stringent standards for quality and tested for performance.Image result for yamaha propeller photos

Continue reading the full article “Outboard Prop 101” at: Yamaha Outboard Propellers, Propeller Engineering


Head on over to Yamaha Outboards and take advantage of their YAMAHA PROPELLER SELECTOR tool for their recommendations to your boat.

Surface Drive Outboard Mud Motor

New at Satilla Marine; the River Run Surface Drive Outboard Mud Motor.

Looking for a dependable shallow water motor at an affordable price? River Run motors is your answer and they just arrived at Satilla Marine in Waycross,GA.

The New River Run Model 10 is rated at 10 horsepower but has the Same Output as the 14 horsepower motor. An added advantage with River Run motors is the they are the only surface drive mud motor with neutral and reverse on their small motors. Ideal for flat bottom boats allowing you to get to the most remote areas. With it’s unique advantage that most mud motors do not have – reverse – you will never find yourself in a jam.

Now there is no excuse for not being able to get into those swamps and shallow water.




Purchase a new G3 Boat package and receive an Instant Rebate!

Between October 1, 2016 and December 31, 2016 you can receive up to a $1,500 Instant Rebate (see chart) on a new G3 boat packages!

All new G3 boat packages (Eligible Product) will qualify, regardless of model year, and the amounts are listed in chart. Rebates valid in U.S. and Canada.

90 Days to Save Ad


Angler V21,V19,V18,V17,V172 $1500
Small  AVs, & Guide Vs $750
Eagle 176, 166, PF models $750
Sportsman 200 $1500
Sportsman 19 & 17, 17PFX $1000
Bay Series $1000
Package Jon / Deluxe $500
Package Jon / Camo & Brown $500
SunCatcher Elite Series $1500
SunCatcher X-Series $1000
SunCatcher V-Series $750


5 Tips for Planning Your Fishing Vacation

Source: Debbie Hanson 5 Tips for Planning Your Fishing Vacation – Take Me Fishing

Wondering which situations can either make or break your fishing vacation experience? Make your family fishing trip the very best it can be with these 5 Tips Planning Fishing Vacation.Family-fishing-vacation

1. Advanced research

2. Mother Nature

3. Fishing gear and tackle

4. Have a back-up plan and the ability to be flexible if the weather doesn’t cooperate or if a lack of expected fish species occurs

5. Surprises

If you consider these things as you plan your fishing vacation, you will be much better prepared. Just don’t forget to check the state fishing license requirements and regulations for the destination you intend to visit.

V8 5.3L Yamaha Outboards


Yet another game-changing innovation from Yamaha Outboards.

Source: Outboards, V8 5.3L | Yamaha Outboards

5.3L V8 Offshore Outboard



Yamaha’s purpose-built 5.3-liter 350-horsepower V8 outboard surges to the front of the fleet when it comes to thrust and trust for moving big, offshore beasts. Now Yamaha’s new F350C model becomes the only outboard in its horsepower class to feature a five-year limited warranty, because reliability and confidence are important when you’re taking control of the open water.

Deliberately designed to withstand the harsh demands of a marine environment.

Five-Year Limited Warranty provided by Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A. on new F350C model only with production dates of March, 2016 forward.

Continue reading article at Yamaha Outboards.


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